We loan out iPads loaded with a person’s favorite music, games, family pictures, and most importantly a personalized story book. We create digital, interactive, life storybooks for individuals with memory loss. These iPads facilitate an opportunity to reminisce about yesterday’s memories as well as providing some respite time for the family caregiver.
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This project introduces older adults to technology that they would most likely never benefit from otherwise.

Not only does this project offer relief to the family caregiver by providing a stimulating activity, but it is an opportunity for the family caregiver to reminisce with their loved-one. Using the iPad offers a unique change from the daily routine of family caregiving.  We have found that family caregivers enjoy reminiscing with the GreyMatters storybook as much as their loved-one with memory loss.  If you would like to participate in this program or support this program by donating a new or gently used iPad, give us a call.